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Writer's Block: Going down

You're on a crashing plane and your partner is fast asleep. Would you wake her/him up to say 'I love you' one last time or let her/him die in her/his sleep?

I would let my beloved be and try to fall asleep myself. If you're perfectly relaxed during a crash, you're less likely to sustain life-threatening injuries. Getting worked up and panicking wouldn't help anything, so why be difficult?
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Meme: Zombie Apocalypse

Okay, here's the situation:

The government has just announced that some nameless town in bumfuck nowhere has become infested with zombies due to biological contaminants. Now, they're saying that it's only a matter of weeks before the entire country is overrun.

You have inexplicably come into ownership of a large RV, but you have room enough for only 7 people including yourself. Now comes the tricky part.

Who are the remaining six on your RV of salvation?

For my remaining six, I choose LBC, Tiger Salad, Elle, Papa Bear(my dad), Aimi, and The Stig.

What roles will everyone play in your team's survival?

The Stig is, of course, the driver of my RV of salvation.
Aimi is our comic relief for the long, dark journey ahead.
Papa Bear will be just that- the team dad.
Elle is our team medic, as we can no longer trust hospitals for treatment.
Tiger Salad is going to be our heavy artillery master. I'm stickin' her topside with a mounted machine gun and bazooka cannon!
LBC is our ax-crazy berserker type that can mow through zombies with a sharpened garden spade.
Last, but not least, I am our team strategist. I feel I've watched enough zombie movies and played enough videogames to have earned the position.

What's your plan of action?

Our first stop, after rounding everybody up, is the nearest Home Depot(or similar) store. There, we'll get our short-range weapons such as garden tools and flammable stuffs.
After that, we hit up some kwik-E Mart type places and stock up on munchies. We're going to need non-perishables since we don't want to waste time and energy cooking stuff. We'll be avoiding large grocery stores because of the many places the zombies could hide.
After we finish food stocking we'll visit sporting goods stores to pick up long-range weapons and ammo.
Once we're done stocking up everything we'll need, we hit the road and never look back; staying in one place for too long means becoming a human happy meal.

What is the one sentimental item you're bringing with you into zombie hell?
I'm bringing my favorite stuffed animal from when I was little. It's cute, it's cuddly, and it's small, so it won't weigh us down if we ever have to switch to another mode of transportation.
Tag someone!
I tag Lady Black Cat and mightymaeve!
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Real Age:Mental Age Meme

Proudly stolen from Razcolnicov!

*** Repost this with the subject as: I'm (how old you are) but I act like (what you got on the test)
*** The number of people you have to tag is the number you got on the test BUT YOU CAN DO IT OR NOT xDD

[ x ] You know how to make a pot of coffee
[   ] You keep track of dates using a calendar
[ x ] You own a credit card
[  ] You know how to change the oil in a car
[ x ] You've done your own laundry
[ x ] You can vote in an election
[ x ] You can cook for yourself
[ ] You think politics is interesting


[  ] You show up for school late a lot
[ x ] You always carry a pen/pencil in your bag/purse/pocket
[ x ] You've never gotten a detention
[ x ] You have forgotten your own birthday  
[   ] You like to take walks by yourself
[ x ] You know what credibility means, without looking it up
[ x ] You drink caffeine at least once a week


[ x ] You know how to do the dishes
[ x ] You can count to 10 in another language
[    ] When you say you're going to do something you do it
[ x ] You can mow the lawn
[    ] You study even when you don't have to
[ x ] You have hand washed a car before


[ x ] You can spell experience, without looking it up
[    ] The people at Starbucks know you by name
[    ] Your favorite kind of food is take out
[ x ] You can go to the store without getting something you don't need
[    ] You understand political jokes the first time they are said
[ x ] You can type pretty quickly


[    ] Your only friends are from your place of employment
[    ] You have been to a Tupperware party
[ x ] You have realized that practically no one will take you seriously unless you are over the age of 25 and have a job.
[    ] You have more bills than you can pay
[ x ] You have been to the beach
[    ] You use the internet every day
[    ] You have traveled overseas for more than 5 times
[    ] You make your bed in the morning
[ x ] You realized people of the opposite sex/same sex might just make better friends

TOTAL :  20

Wow, not too far off at all! When I got to the caffine question I looked at my cup of coffee and sniggered. Now, off to listen to some '80s music!
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TV Tropes Meme

 I do believe it's time I start another one of these. This time 'round, let's talk about the Five Man Band and the Five Bad Band! Specifically, let's talk about which member(s) we each see ourselves as.

In the Five Man Band, I see myself as both The Lancer and The Smart Guy. In the two years that I've known LBC, I've (more or less) been her swiss army knife. I am her bodyguard, her GPS,, her memo book, her research machine, her voice of reason, her personal laugh-inducer, and I'm a damn good chef! When she takes me along on a trip or an outing, the chick is Crazy Prepared! I have a tendancy to wander off once we get to where we're going, though. I almost got left at Megacon last year because I wandered off in the Dealers Room. I'm pretty sure LBC would get damn lost without me sometimes, though. She's always telling me directions and memos when we're out and about, and she does forget them about half the time before they become relevant. I'm just waiting for the day when she has a Pet The Dog moment and actually pat me on the head saying "Good job, son" or something of the like. I have a tendancy to ninja poof in and out of situations, too. There've been several instances of me walking up to and standing with a group for a few minutes before someone finally looks at me, jumps, and says something like "Holy crap, how long have you been standing there?!" I can usually fix whatever technological problems come up, or know someone who can. I consider myself to also be the Token Evil Teammate because of my Yangire-ness.

In the Five Bad Band, I consider myself as more of the Evil Genius than anything else... well I might be a Team Pet in the form of a Pet Monstrosity as well. I am the master of the evil plans to take over the world- or at least America -in the name of Japan, and I like to eat small children(read:mooks) for brunch with honey-bettered toast and coffee(straight up black, TYVM). I take dark pride in knowing that I'm very well-connected to many people in many places. That, and that my Evil Laugh scares teenagers and adults... unfortunately, small children seem to be immune... which is why they must be killed and eaten for the aforementioned brunch.

Alrighty then, that concludes today's meme. I tag any and all whom have read this entry!
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Writer's Block: Children of the sun

How do you think aliens would regard our society? If an alien ship landed in your backyard, would you run away or bring a bundt cake?

Oh gosh, where to begin?!

Well, first they would probably poke at us with some sort of blunt object. Then, of course, they would figure out how to communicate with us. When they finally got around to assessing how we run our societies, they would probably keel over laughing. This is all, of course, after they inevitably break out of the secret government facilities that everyone already knows about.

If an alien vessel landed in my back yard I would neither run away nor bring cake..... I would bring yaoi!!! Foods are filled with all sorts of allergies, but yaoi contains joy for all manners of life! Even if the aliens don't read any Earth languages, pictures are easy enough to understand!
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Yangire Fujoshi

After spending staggering amounts of time on the infamous TV Tropes, I have concluded myself to be thus.

I am a product of Break the Cutie gone horribly HORRIBLY awry. While I was in Elementary and Middle School- that's Yochien, Shogakko, and Chugakko for my Japanese friends-, I was bullied and teased out the wazoo. Instead of getting upset for a while, forgetting about it, and eventually becoming a Woobie, I went From Nobody to Nightmare and became a Yangire made of High Octane Nightmare Fuel and COTTON CANDY!!! (Yes, LBC, I HAD to say it! XD)

For those of you that are terribly out of the loop, a Fujoshi is a yaoi fangirl.
pissed onigiri

My brother disagrees with the gift of pie

Before anyone asks, I am neither drunk nor high. I am simply, purely, and unadulteratedly PISSED OFF!!!

I made a pumpkin pie from scratch on Giftmas. I also made two kinds of whipped cream to go with it. One batch I made with heavy cream, brown sugar, maple syrup (the real grade A dark amber kind), and vanilla extract. The other batch had about 2-3 shots of Captain Morgan in it as well as all the other stuff.

Anyways, today I noticed that there were only two pieces left. I told my brother that I wanted to save a piece for LBC because she hasn't tasted any of my cooking yet. I'm very proud of my cooking, and I like sharing my culinary skills with those I hold close to my heart.

Well, when I told my brother this, he got all pissed off. I asked him why and he said, "I just don't see the point in giving it away."

WHAT THE FLYING FUCK?!?! He acts as if I made the whole fucking pie specifically for HIM!!! By the time I'd eaten half a piece yesterday when we first cut into it, he had already eaten a piece and was going back for a second! Now he doesn't want to share with anyone that's not a blood relative!

This was about three hours ago. Since then, I've had this ominous storm of anger rumbling away at the back of my head. It's gradually turned into a typhoon, and now I'm starting to growl and scream at things. I can't simply go play a violent videogame to purge myself of the anger because he's in the living room playing videogames. *insert scream of fury here*

On a more positive note, only a couple more weeks until Green Island opens back up!!! I'm going to guy some brick toast and some boba honey milk tea when it opens!

*sparkly eyes*

As stated in Lady Black Cat's journal, we are both in San Francisco enjoying YaoiCon! It has been decided that it is my duty to report on days 2 and 3 of our trip.

Yesterday was... eventful, yet not eventful.

We woke up (somewhat) early and enjoyed free breakfast in the hotel lobby. We discussed the (working) schedule we had for the day and decided to tweak it a bit.

It was originally planned that we would register for the convention as soon as registration opened, but we decided against that due to obscene parking fees that would have ensued if we had stayed at the convention hotel all day.

From there, we proceeded to, literally, get lost all over the bay area. We went North, we went South, and almost every other which way of which one can think.

We eventually found ourselves at Kaz Teriyaki Grill on 4th Street for lunch. We've decided to not eat like tourists while we're on this trip. LBC got a Chicken Katsu Bento, and I got a Teriyaki Beef Bento. Oh gosh... it was WONDERFUL!!! The beef was cooked right when I ordered, so it was stil hot, and it was absolutely coated in delicious sauce! The rice was hot, fluffy, and sticky, which is exactly how this onigiri likes her rice. I don't know what they put in the pasta salad, but it was fabulous!

After that we went back to our hotel room and looked up some more directions. We went to a local Rite Aid that was close to where YaoiCon was held two years ago. I bought an awesome cape while we were there, and LBC was able to finally get some decongestant pills!

When that was over, we got sort of lost again... only this time our fluke turned into fortune! We were able to discover a proficient way to get from our hotel to Kaz! This is significant because we were both eager to go here again before the end of our trip.

It was about 2:45 in the afternoon when we set out in search of the elusive J-Town. After getting lost again, we finally found our way there. We didn't have time to do anything there, though, since the opening ceremonies for YC were going to start in about an hour and a half.

We got kind of lost on our way back (anyone noticing a pattern yet?), but were able to get to the con and register before the OC started. LBC wasn't very enthusiastic about going to the OC, but I talked her into it. Boy, was she ever happy she went! There were bishies, seiyuu, and mangaka all in the same room with us! Miss Yamane had on a stunning black evening gown, and the Master of Ceremonies was this devilishly cute tall glass of water wearing fitted black trousers, knee-high lather boots, a black button-up shirt, a freakin' awesome white tie with black designs on it, facial makeup, and a leather whip!

After the OC was finished, we attended Bishonen Bingo! Ys, you read that right; I said Bingo. However, this was no ordinary bingo. Since this is YC we're talking about, there were fabulous yaoi prizes! Granted, neither of us won any physical prizes, but everyon in the room won he most fantastic prize of all... STRIPPING BISHIES!!! Ever time someone shouted bingo, one of a group of about twenty or so bishies would lose an article of clothing. The bishies were the ones selling the bingo cards, so after every round there were attractive men in various states of undress maneuvering their ways through row after crowded row of distracted, hyperactive, squeeing, and possibly rabid fangirls... as well as a few rather attractive fanboys! Even our lovely MC from the OC undressed a tad! Eventually, magic number 69 was called, and all the bishies had to strip down to nothing but their skivvies!!!

Once all that was over, the next event was the Rocky Horror Picture Show..... yeah, we didn't go to that. It was really late already, and we decided to go ahead and head back to the hotel to get some sleep.

That was day 2 of our trip; now on to day 3!

This morning we got up a little later than we did yesterday and enjoyed the hotel's free breakfast again. We met up with some fellow con-goers in the lobby and gave them a lit to the convention, since they would've had to take a shuttle to the convention otherwise. They gave us limited edition badges as thanks!

LBC went to the Ayano Yamane Focus Panel, and I went into the Dealers Room. I bought lots of stuff! Then I checked out the Yaoi Carnival... not as glamorous as it sounds. After wasting some time there, I went on over to Artist Alley and bought more stuff!

When I got bored there I went and got in line with LBC for the Seiyuu Panel! They gave out tickets for a raffle during the Panel. The prizes for the raffle were tickets to the Seiyuu Autograph sessions! I left the Seiyuu Panel early to attend the "M-Preg and Why we Love Them" panel.

LBC called me out of that early, and we went into the Dealers Room together. We spent a bit over an hour in there, and we both bought lots more stuff!

We left when we got hungry, but before we left we checked the list of winners for the Seiyuu Autograph Tickets... WE BOTH WON TICKETS!!!

We've both been as happy as robot unicorns in fields of purple grass and sparkles since then!

We went back to Kaz for late lunch/early dinner and then wen back to the hotel to put away all the goodies we bought at the con today.

We tried going back to J-town after that, but we couldn't find any decent parking ANYWHERE for our behemoth of a vehicle! We decided to leave exploration of J-Town until our next trip out to SanFran.

We ame back to the hotel after that, and now we're watching television. LBC is going to report in tomorrow!

Here's the list of things I bought today!

Yaoi Fairy Tales novel
2 APH Doujinshi
7 APH Collector Cards (I gave one to LBC)
5 Yaoi Fashion Buttons
3 Yaoi Prints
5 Bishie Keychains
Prince of Tennis Doujinshi
lots of other stuff in a grab bag that I can't remember
Uke T-Shirt
Seme T-Shirt
Steampunk Choker (a gift for a friend)
kick stupid people

Hatred and Misery

Why do some people get a kick out of making others feel miserable for being different? It makes no sense to me, especially when the person that ends up feeling miserable is supposedly a friend of the ones that make the person feel miserable.

If a prank against someone was somehow avoided, that doesn't mean that the circumstances surrounding the incident are going to just go away. If the target in question tends to think a lot, they're going to eventually figure out that they were going to end up the butt of some horrible joke.

This happened to me. Four years ago, I was at a church's youth group's christmas party. There was a white elephant gift exchange. I had gone out and bought a five dollar pair of white bedroom slippers with angels on them for the exchange. Well, they were a HUGE hit! There were other sorts of things like a Playstation 3 box with cans of soup inside, an electronic singing lizard, and sexy santa boxers. Well, there was this one odd package wrapped in white tissue paper as well. Everybody kept saying "Don't open it!" when someone would go to pick that particular one. When my turn to pick something came along, everyone wanted me to pick that one..... little red flag going up here. I picked something else and got that singing lizard thing. The youth pastor pulled the group of people that had been encouraging me to open it what was in it. They said something to him, and then he took the package out of the room, never to be seen again.

I later found out that there were three huge live white rats in that box. The whole incident struck me as a bit odd. I didn't know why they would want me to open the box with the rats in it. Well, sometime last year, it hit me. They wanted me to open that box because they wanted me to freak out so that they could make fun of me.

What the FUCK?!?! These people were supposedly my friends! I had only ever been nice to them! For a while after I figured out the obvious why of why they wanted me to open the box, I thought about the other why, as in why would they want me to open the box and not someone else.

The conclusion I came to sowed a seed of hatred, anger, resentment, and malice deep within my soul.

They were so enthusiastic about wanting me to open that box because I'm different from them in so many ways. Let me list them for you so that you get an idea.
1) I don't come from a wealthy home
2) I didn't attend the high school that the rest of them did
3) My family isn't well-off
4) I'm a fairly intelligent individual
5) My family is not upper-class
6) I'm a ginger (red hair, fair skin, and freckles galore)
7) My family doesn't have a lot of extra money
8) I'm fat (yes, I'll admit it openly, but at least I'm not starving to death)
9) I could never afford all they fancy things they could
10) I've always been into Asian stuff, like anime, manga, and videogames
11) They're all rich, I'm not
Do we get the picture? I certainly hope so, because I don't feel like making a diagram.

Therefore, why do people mistreat others that are different? No good can come of it. The only thing that does come of it is a seed of deep hatred, anger, and depression..... and sometimes a sociopath. *insert laugh of pure insanity and rage here*

May death and destruction rain down upon those who have wronged me.
KH Yaoi

It just hit me

There's a good chance that I'm going to YaoiCon this year!!!

I can hardly contain the wonderful feelings welling up inside me!!! I want to play music really loud, sing off-key to said music, and giggle like the fujoshi I am!

Unfortunately, I can't; my mom is home today, and she would start asking questions.

My mind is filled with only two things right now. One of them is the song "Always" by Erasure, and the other is... boys and boys, boys and boys, boys with other boys!!!

Oh, and for those of you who read my journal that I haven't told, I think my brother is an unawakened bisexual... or at least metrosexual. We went to IKEA about a month ago with our mom, and his reactions to the stuff they had there were priceless! "I like that. Ugh, I HATE that! ... I don't like that... Oh, I LOVE that!!!" and the whole time using the mose fae hand gestures imaginable! It took all my self-control to not cackle like Elphaba.