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TV Tropes Meme

 I do believe it's time I start another one of these. This time 'round, let's talk about the Five Man Band and the Five Bad Band! Specifically, let's talk about which member(s) we each see ourselves as.

In the Five Man Band, I see myself as both The Lancer and The Smart Guy. In the two years that I've known LBC, I've (more or less) been her swiss army knife. I am her bodyguard, her GPS,, her memo book, her research machine, her voice of reason, her personal laugh-inducer, and I'm a damn good chef! When she takes me along on a trip or an outing, the chick is Crazy Prepared! I have a tendancy to wander off once we get to where we're going, though. I almost got left at Megacon last year because I wandered off in the Dealers Room. I'm pretty sure LBC would get damn lost without me sometimes, though. She's always telling me directions and memos when we're out and about, and she does forget them about half the time before they become relevant. I'm just waiting for the day when she has a Pet The Dog moment and actually pat me on the head saying "Good job, son" or something of the like. I have a tendancy to ninja poof in and out of situations, too. There've been several instances of me walking up to and standing with a group for a few minutes before someone finally looks at me, jumps, and says something like "Holy crap, how long have you been standing there?!" I can usually fix whatever technological problems come up, or know someone who can. I consider myself to also be the Token Evil Teammate because of my Yangire-ness.

In the Five Bad Band, I consider myself as more of the Evil Genius than anything else... well I might be a Team Pet in the form of a Pet Monstrosity as well. I am the master of the evil plans to take over the world- or at least America -in the name of Japan, and I like to eat small children(read:mooks) for brunch with honey-bettered toast and coffee(straight up black, TYVM). I take dark pride in knowing that I'm very well-connected to many people in many places. That, and that my Evil Laugh scares teenagers and adults... unfortunately, small children seem to be immune... which is why they must be killed and eaten for the aforementioned brunch.

Alrighty then, that concludes today's meme. I tag any and all whom have read this entry!
Tags: *insert evil laughter here*, lulz, meme, tv tropes

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