onigiri_otaku (onigiri_otaku) wrote,

Please tell me...

Since when has it been okay for me to stand on my own? Or has it been this way from the start?

This love/hate relationship needs to stabilize. The revolving door must come to a stop.

You encourage me to reach for the stars. You drag me back down to Earth.

You will always be there to support me. I have to figure things out on my own.

Your interest in me is fleeting. You watch me like a hawk.

The signal is scrambled. Communication has been lost.

You are right beside me. You are a thousand miles away.

I try to reach out. I cower in fear.

The happy medium died with me that day.

The unshed tears are dammed up behind an out-of-date eyeglass prescription. Can you see them beyond the mask of childish joy?

The nest is made of poisonous thorns, but it's the only home I know.

It's hard to fly with a broken wing.

Your shadow grows ever taller. I fear I may never escape it.

The prince demands obedience. His wish is my command.

His throne rises now in harmony with your shadow.

My world is encompassed in darkness.

It crumbles around me.

The candles of hope extend waxy fingers toward me in the depths of the despairing ocean.

I cannot reach the light.

The power you wield is far too great.

It smothers me and snuffs out the candles.

The light vanishes.

Darkness enshrouds me once again.

A six should never approach a ten. The eights and nines would surely turn it into a four.

No, the six should go play with the fours and hope that a seven takes pity on it.

The misers require a servant.

A light appears in the distance.

The race is on.

Those who stumble on the starting blocks never receive a medal.

The light vanishes once more.

Is it possible the pit has turned into a cavern?

Perhaps I shall make this my new home.

The walls are dank. The air is filled with the sins of a thousand lifetimes.

The coins at the bottom of this wishing well are not mine to take.

The bucket descends. The glittering wishing coins leap into it, out of my grasp.

The prince draws the bucket to the sky.

I am in the void once more.

The abyss has become familiar to me.

You shove me out into the light.

The brightness frightens me.

I cannot see.

Am I following the correct path?

I cannot feel your presence.

I have been thrust into a foreign land without a map or a dictionary.

The strategy guide for this dungeon is missing some pages.

I'm running out of lives.

The wishing well is no more. It has been replaced with a MegaMart.

Are you an angel or a dragon? I cannot tell from your shadow.

It looms over me and ensnares me.

I doubt my identity, so wrapped up in yours.

Your loving embrace is crushing me, yet you have left me alone to die.

A gesture of kindness puts a band-aid on my wounded spirit, but those plastic ones don't last very long.

I'm living on a dead-end street. It's fitting in more ways than you know.
Tags: angst, blaaaaah, depressed, feeling stupid, fucking school, life sucks, ponderings, random, stressed, ugh...

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