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Bad things and good things

Today has been a day of mixed feelings.

First, the bad things.

~I was woken up by my dogs ten minutes before my alarm clock was set to go off
~My aunt ate the doughnut I was going to have for breakfast (the fat cow)
~I forgot my flash drive at home when I went to class today
~My current project in my drawing class is boring me to tears
~I'm having problems re-applying to the college so I can earn my BAS
~Pork for dinner (it's one of those meats that doesn't agree with me)

Now, the good things!

~I found a shirt I'd been trying to find
~My grandma made sweet potato fries
~I got a crash course in how to navigate the Library of Congress
~I'm joining the Philosophy Club
~I'm seeing Sweeny Todd tomorrow LIVE at another local college
~I'm having a girls' day out with some friends this weekend
Tags: *insert scream of fury here*, *insert squee of happiness here*, drool, fucking school, got school tomorrow, grr....., hellz yeah, i loathe people, joyousness!, need food, random, school, tired as all get out, w00t, wtf?!?!, yay!!!

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