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I loathe humans

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Ignore that bit about Writer's Block. Apparently that was the last thing I'd been doing when I wanted to post.

Yes, it's been forever and a week since I've posted anything, but I think it's about time for an update.

I've gotten my Associate's Degree.
My mom is in the Honors Society.
I'm still poor.
I got my full Driver's License, not just my permit.
I'm still taking college classes.
I had family over for Giftmas.

I think that's about everything... oh yeah, and I went to YaoiCon and bought SO~ MUCH PORN!!!

Now, onto the real reason I'm writing in my journal. I loathe people. Specifically, I loathe the newbies on the forum site I've frequented to over a year now. The site just turned a year old back in September, and I joined in November of its first year.

For those of you who don't know which site I'm talking about, it's http://trisphee.com and it's awesome. If you sign up, put Reyoki as the one who referred you.

Now, you probably want to know why I loathe these people. Well, there are a number of reasons.

The little buggers act like they own the place. I don't get any respect from them, and I've been a member of the site for, like I said, over a year. This gives me seniority over a vast majority of the other users. Yet, the newbies treat me like an idiot. The only way I get any respect is to flaunt my knowledge of the site's items, and even that is losing its effectiveness.

They also have excruciatingly impressive inventories even though some of them are only about a week old. One of the newbies I met has a very old, limited edition item for which I had quested for MONTHS and never been able to get. She has one because she flaunted her real-world money. It wouldn't have been so insulting if I hadn't "adopted" that newbie and given her a number of items as a care package.

They also won't shut the fuck up. I know it's a forum site and you're meant to socialize, but it's getting to the point to where it's ridiculous. It's the same five people having about twelve different conversations in about eight different places on the site. Why the hell don't they just pick a thread and stay there? With all the site currency they've been gaining from all the senseless yammering they've been doing, it's no wonder the marketplace's prices have gone through the proverbial roof.

When I was a newbie, I scraped and struggled to earn site currency and put together decent looks for my avatar. The newbies now are having everything handed to them.

Most of the users that were around when I joined have either gone on hiatus or just quit altogether. It's like going back to a school you used to attend. You may see a couple familiar faces among the faculty, but everyone else is a snot-nosed brat who wants everything handed to them on a silver platter.
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