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Random Ponderings

 Why don't parents keep their children on leashes? Not only would it keep the little buggers from running off, it would also make going to public restrooms much easier for the parent/child combo. Think about it for a moment. The leash would keep the child from getting too far from the parent, and has the potential to keep the child safe from harm by restraining the child from running into the road, keeping the child within viewing distance of the parent, and forcing the child to CALM THE FUCK DOWN!!!

Why are there not cell phone laws in all states? In California, it's illegal to operate a vehicle and use a cell phone at the same time. When I was over there with LBC for Yaoicon last year, I found this change to be quite refreshing. The traffic was horrible, especially considering that it was Halloween weekend and we went through some heavy Downtown areas, but I can't recall seeing one auto accident the entire time we were there. I feel this is greatly due to the law forbidding simultaneous vehicle and cell phone usage.
How can I be expected to get a job when I have no experience? Employers always want some sort of experience on your application, but they never seem willing to hire someone for their first job in order to give them that experience. I can understand that from major companies and such, but what about the purely local businesses? A lot of them are either never hiring or hire only within the family of ownership, which is nepotism, and it is so effing wrong.

Why do we take so long to kill people in this country? The longer a person is on Death Row, the more money is used for the care of that person. How many people that have been on Death Row have honestly been completely brainwashed back into society? I say we give them no more than five years to live if their crime was so heinous to have earned them a spot on Death Row. Yes, mistrials happen, but would it really take more than five years to rectify such errors? We're very soft on our criminals. Sir Machiavelli would laugh so hard he'd be in tears if he could see what our "justice" system is today.
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