onigiri_otaku (onigiri_otaku) wrote,

Good news and bad news

First, the good news; I just finished my last final exam of the semester!

Now, the bad news.
  • I'm still sick
  • Paypal is stupid
  • I think my sickness is getting worse
  • Paypal is dumber than fuck
  • I won't be getting my book order from BAM until I get paid this weekend
  • Paypal is more stupid than a stoner after a 10lb. bag of weed
Why did I put down Paypal three times? Here's why.

I made an order at booksamillion.com and paid using Paypal. The order consisted of one title that had already been released and three advance order titles. The already released title came within a week of the order, which is what I'd expected. Well, one of the advance order titles was supposed to arrive last week... it never did. Yesterday, I got an email saying that BAM was having trouble accessing my credit card. Now, here's where it starts getting interesting... and frustrating. I checked Paypal for my transaction history. When I glanced briefly over my records, everything seemed fine... until I checked ALL the details. As it turns out, Paypal had billed my card for only the amount of the already released title. The amount for the advance order titles hadn't been taken from my card yet. This is now a problem. I've spent the last two months thinking that I'd been billed for the entire order amount when, actually, it was only PART of my order! Why the FUCK would they not charge me for my ENTIRE ORDER when the transaction was initially made?!?!
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